The joy of owning a Chanel bag

By Naz Kulhanci 3 years ago
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How can I describe the joy of owning a Chanel bag?

The entertainment begins at purchase, even though one goes back and forth trying to decide which one to choose, as the temptation to pick more than one is way too strong. Still, I believe leaving the second one  back on the rack bears the possibility of coming back for another visit and going through the same wonderful shopping experience all over again.

Besides its great quality and longevity, this is an ultimate practical bag that you can take anywhere and pair with any dress – it goes just as great with your business attire as it does with a pair of jeans. Above all, this bag is full of that famous Coco feeling associated with ambition, perseverance and vibrant energy. Finally, the proof is in the name “Bonheur”, it resonates happiness.

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