BMW M1 Hommage – Spiritual Precursor to the i8

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When BMW debuted the M1 Hommage concept, back in 2008, the Internet exploded with the staggeringly high expectations of what a futuristic BMW M1 would be like. Understandably so, as the original BMW M1 is one of the greatest mid-engined supercars ever made, and possibly the first accessible one. The original M1 was designed by Giugiaro and, of course, was gorgeous because of that. It had timeless good looks, a 3.5 liter straight-six engine mounted in the middle and was BMW’s first supercar. So a hommage concept to such a vehicle gave BMW fans, and car enthusiasts in general, hope that something like the M1 would return.

However, after teasing us with the gorgeous Hommage Concept, BMW told us that it wouldn’t be making it. This felt like a punch in the gut after all of the excitement of the Hommage’s debut. Why wouldn’t BMW make such a beautiful car, it would sell like crazy?

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